Twin Flame Essential Oil Blend

Attract, reconnect with or honor the Beloved within with this decadent blend of lush florals and spices.

Featured Products

Alchemist Essential Oil Blend

This blend is about the business of transformation by reframing your story to one of empowerment. 

Higher Selfie Uncharted Blend 

Uncharted territory is where you learn to trust and this blend of potent essences strips away all illusions to get you to that place. 

Mahavidya Essential Oil Blend

Invite the powerful energies of the ten manifestations of the Goddess with this soothing, evocative potion.

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Higher Selfie

Botanical Alchemy for the Spirit and the Soul

Higher Selfie Mystic Archetype Blend 

Being in the world but not of it is our task as contemporary mystics and this blend of high vibrating essences deepens our connection to the Divine and faith in its mystery.