Crystal Synergies

Higher Selfie blends pair marvelously with crystals, as both are high vibrational masterpieces from the earth! Enjoy these ideas!

The Most Popular Products:

Treat yourself to a custom body butter made based on your intention and smell amazing as you are reminded of it throughout your day!

Custom Gift Sets

Select a package of essential oils and beauty products for your Higher Selfie's spiritual needs!

Product Lines and Custom Crystal Goodies

Higher selfie archetypal blends

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Soul Sugah Whipped Body Butter

Chakra Essences

Higher Selfie chakra blends balance, harmonize and activate the chakras with exquisite essences from woods to floral.

  • Face and Skincare
  • Body Butter
  • Essential Oil Blends
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal Synergies
  • Bath Truffles
  • Custom Blends and Packages

Botanical Alchemy for the Spirit and the Soul

Higher Selfie

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