Higher Selfie

Botanical Alchemy for the Spirit and the Soul


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​​​​​Higher Selfie was founded in February 2014 and serves to assist people in their spiritual growth through gorgeous botanicals that help one reach that powerful vibration of the soul.

I created this business after I lost my job, the culmination of a profound Dark Night of the Soul. I built it oil by oil, week by week because that was what I could afford, and every spiritual product I create is one of a kind because it is all handwritten, signed and made with the deepest love and joy. My blends are created in honor of the sacred deities from every culture to channel their strength and also range from archetypal influences to the sensual and ecstatic.

I also truly enjoy inspiring people with powerful insights I've found in the many contemporary and sacred texts I've read about the Higher Self and the soul's purpose that I share on Instagram, and am even grateful for the way that some of YOU probably found me. 

In September 2015, I asked two girls in the UK to kindly stop using my name once they announced a book deal. In turn, I was attacked and trolled with increasingly racist posts for not allowing them to steal it while the Hay House publishing staff idly looked on. 

The following month, the vile little girls, Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood, in a move TOTALLY against everything the Higher Self stands for, filed a trademark application for my name, which I had to send to the CEO of the company to try to get them to withdraw it.

In a dazzling, TITILLATING twist of irony, their application was refused by the USPTO for likelihood of confusion for Higher Self Publishing! I am so very thankful to God and the universe for protecting me as a genuine lightworker with INTEGRITY, who loves what she does and operates from the vibration of LOVE. It was always all love with me.

Higher Selfie is my sacred contract with the Divine and I know for that reason it is and always will be protected. The real travesty here is that something sacred AS a sacred contract and the soul has been greedily shoved aside for commerce because there are books to sell and auditoriums to fill. In these dark times we look to hallowed institutions and authors to help us find our way, so when they, too, become complicit in the fuckery, it begs a closer look at how widespread and dangerous corruption is from even the people we think we can trust.

Trust has been the biggest lesson for me, as I wasted precious time trusting the wrong people to do the right thing, and by thinking something as cut and dried as my priority of use and sincere hope and faith would be enough. I felt that between the five people who read my cease and desist, there could have been earnest and moral discussion of revision and decency and INTEGRITY instead of cheapening the brand to that of a spiritual puppy mill because you cater to the wishes of your friends instead of the laws of the Divine. However, this will not deter my support of the many other genuine authors' works that actually helped me through my own Dark Night, nor should it deter yours. 

What you get from me is as genuine as the beautiful flowers and herbs I use to create my products with to attune you to the spiritual Self and masters of LIGHT. There is no pretense. All love because I created Higher Selfie out of love and as its Caretaker of Earthly Operations, I know that Higher Selfie ultimately belongs to GOD, and my biggest lesson of trust involved the universe. We might not get what we want but we always get what we need and for me, that is an opportunity to be my authentic Higher Selfie through all of this, remain in a state of grace, and show you what the genuine brand is all about. I am so happy to have been blessed with this inspiration to share with you and will only continue to go HIGHER. Join me.